Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry Care Tips

1. When doing sports or doing heavy work, do not wear jewelry when doing housework, so as to avoid impact and wear.

  2. Do not place all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer and jewelry box. Because the hardness of various stones and metals is different, it will cause loss due to friction.

3. The gemstone jewelry worn economically should be inspected once a month to see if there is any wear or looseness, and then repaired.
4, fragile gemstones such as emeralds are easily broken, so be careful when wearing them. 

5. Do not wear stomata with vents in the kitchen or where there is steam, otherwise the gems will change color after absorbing vapor and sweat. Gold and silver jewelry, like other jewellery, will lose their light if they are stained with body oil and sweat. Therefore, the jewelry that is often worn should be cleaned once a week.