Silicone Heightened Insole Heel

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Material: Silicone Gel
3 height for your choice: 1.5/ 2.5/ 3.5(cm)
Self adhesive design. Eliminates heel slippage and guarantee stay in place
Increase your height and confidence, no one will know you're wearing them
Super elasticity, shock absorbent and ultra lightweight.
Effectively regulate shoe size, prevent foot rushing forward.
Provides natural cushioning, helps absorb impact shock and reduce foot fatigue.
Ensure maximum relief from foot strain, tired and aching feet.
Half size design. Fits most style of shoes, sneaker, boot and trainer.
Resuable, washable with normal temperature or 45 degree water.1125f439c43c46980dc8cba91afa269c17b58239aa7c25bed4bbf2bfde3020ff61245721631